Back to Work Corporate Assistance Program

Back to Work Plan (3)

Confused about what you need to do to get employees back to work Safe & Sound?

As Dubai businesses start to resume full capacity in line with the easing of restrictions, are you confused about what you need to do to ensure your employee's safety?  Feeling overwhelmed and confused as to what steps you need to take? 


We can help! Our 5 step turnkey Back to Work Corporate Assistance Program can help. Our dedicated team of nurses and wellness consultants will get your office back to work quickly and safely.


The 5 Step Process

  • Onsite survey of your office space
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire for employees
  • Ascertain how employees are feeling
  • Implement solutions accordingly eg: employee education, webinars, implementing policies and procedures, implementation of Government protocols
  • Post work return follow up

We can commence within 24 hours of appointment and our team of dedicated wellness consultants can help ensure a seamless and safe transition back to work for you and your employees.


Have questions?

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